Sunday, 15 February 2015

Bucks New University at Courtyard Theatre!

Courtyard Theatre performances by our second year students coming up!

All our second year students will be performing at the Courtyard Theatre in March.  Plays include Fugee by Abi Morgan and Pornography by Simon Stephens. 
We took a trip to the Courtyard Theatre on the 4th February so that the students could meet the team, have a marketing talk and to see some shows in the space where they will be performing.  
This is a very exciting opportunity and means our students are getting out into the professional world and getting themselves seen. 

The Courtyard Theatre is situated on Bowling Green Walk, at 40 Pitfield Street, and is part of the trendy Hoxton Square in London, N1. They not only have a theatre but offer lots of courses and training session, too. Here is a link to their page and their full programme.

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