Thursday, 12 February 2015

Great opportunity for student theatre companies!

If you are a student company that is involved in the creation of a high quality piece of ‘radical’ theatre or theatre that tests accepted ideas of the nature of theatrical experience, then you could have a chance to represent your work at the Flare International Festival of New Theatre 2015 (FLARE15), alongside the Manchester International Festival.

Selected participants spend a week in central Manchester performing, watching other radical new theatre selected internationally, meeting other makers from across Europe and beyond, and taking part in workshops, discussions, meals and parties?

FUTURE FLARES is the student strand of FLARE15. Current or graduating students can apply, proposing pieces between 10 and 45 minutes long, and artist-directed student projects are also eligible. Priority may be given to group projects over solo work, to ensure that the maximum number of students benefit.

Students can apply via the website - deadline 31 March 2015
Go for it and good luck!!

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