Sunday, 10 May 2015

in favour of interdisciplinary approaches . . .

During a performing arts degree, students are often expected to collaborate; with each other, with students from the years above or below, or with visiting practitioners and guest lecturers.
At Bucks New University, collaborations often emerge from across different courses, and the range of creative degrees on offer encourages interdisciplinary projects amongst students and staff alike.

With degree courses in Performing Arts, Dance, Film & TV Production, Audio & Music Production and Graphic Arts, there is a network of creative opportunities that connects students from various disciplines. Furthermore, all of our lecturers are professional practitioners and researchers at the forefront of their field.

It is always exciting to explore the similarities and idiosyncrasies of our respective disciplines and we want to keep you informed about what is happening in the various departments with which our students collaborate.
We were particularly excited about a music and performance event, which involved Dr. Fil Leropoulos, senior lecturer in Media Production and expert in experimental film and video art.

Read on to hear more about Sound Acts, which was held in Athens from 24-26 April 2015 . . .

Dr. Fil Leropoulos was one of the main curators and organisers of Sound Acts in Athens two weeks ago. Sound Acts was Greek's biggest performance-art-meets-conference event this year and explored notions of music, identity and performance.
It was a three day gathering / happening that brought over 30 artists, academics, musicians, performers and poets in the same space in order to pose questions around music and identity and discuss how performance is something always tinted by who we are and our identity traits.

The event saw a variations of activities, from academic paper presentations to absurdist situationist happenings. Dr. Fil Leropoulos participated in one of the presented performances, a rarely-seen experimental composition called Epicycle by Jani Christou, a Greek avant-garde composer of the 60's and students of Wittgenstein.

Sound Acts was a huge success, and we would like to congratulate Dr Fil Leropoulos for his achievement! To find out more about the event, check this link:

The issues discussed at Sound Acts are highly relevant to a wider discourse about performing arts and the 'act of performance' itself. This year, several of our performing arts dissertation explored notions of identity, autobiography and personal representation in performance.

We strongly believe that the various artistic disciplines offered at Bucks New University can challenge and inform each other, and we support and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration wherever we can.

Some exciting projects are already in the pipeline . . .
Watch this space!

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