Friday, 26 June 2015

Me, myself and I - a showcase of autobiographical performances

The Courtyard Theatre

Tuesday 30 June
Tickets £5 /£3 concession

We are very excited to present five autobiographical performances by final year performing arts students from Bucks New University. Combining song, multimedia and dance to create a varied and multifaceted night, each of the performers takes a different approach to exploring the personal, cultural and social history that makes them the people they are

Performed by Jenny Wade, Cassie Fletcher, Modupe Salu, Adam Zaman and Esther Abe.

The BA (Hons) course at Bucks New University offers a unique opportunity to study Performance with the latest technology in every conceivable context, including stage, film, emerging media platforms, multi-media and site-specific work.
The performances presented were created as part of the students’ individual research for their final year dissertation.

Read on to find out more about the performers and their work:

About the performers:
Jenny Wade
Jenny graduated from the Myra Tiffin Performing Arts School in 2012. Jenny has since been in a number of professional stage productions including Evita and An Inspector Calls, whilst also appearing in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror on Channel 4. She is performing a devised physical comedy at the Camden Fringe Festival this year with Glow Worm Theatre Company and is due to graduate from Bucks New University with a degree in Performing Arts (Film, TV & Stage) in September.

Title of performance - Together Again
An exploration of how new multimedia forms in performance can be used to alter preconceptions of time and space. One performer, using technology to remediate footage from her childhood and perform the impossible task of interacting live with a deceased parent.

Cassie Fletcher
Cassie Fletcher grew up on several different army bases, but later found a home splitting her time between Newcastle Upon Tyne and High Wycombe for her degree. She has been acting for over 6 years now, and has also directed plays for 4 years. Notable shows: If Not Now, When?; Butterfly Kiss, and Spring Awakening. Having just finished her degree, Cassie now wants to spend the next year travelling and continuing to push into the industry. 

Title of performance - Not Me, Not I, But Not Myself 
One stage, one confession. One person?
Cassie Fletcher has something to tell you, and it's big. Three years of living a lie has led her to this point. You might hide away your weird thoughts or your embarrassing stories from school, but what if you hid away your whole personality and created someone else? Who do you want to be today? That is the question Cassie asks herself every morning. Not Me, Not I, But Not Myself scoops out and externalises the internal daily struggle going through Cassie's personalities until by the end you think you must know everything. Sitting in a chair just as you are now, Cassie will change irrevocably right in front of you.
"This is important so sit up and listen because I'll only say it once."

Modupe Salu (MD)
Ever since I was young I have always wanted to perform and acting seems to be the one thing that allows me to fully be free and express myself without being judged. Cliché it may sound I know, but that is how it honestly makes me feel.
Going on this journey of becoming an actor has been an interesting one. Finishing university and literally being thrown out into the ‘real world’ I have learnt that I will never ever stop learning about what an actor does and how it can impact people’s thoughts and life. I think that is why I am so in love with my craft, I get to carry on playing and exploring, while teaching and showing people how different characters in life react, interact and act in the world we portray.

Title of Performance - I CAN’T BREATHE
A poetic per formative response to the death of Eric Garner.
Here you will hear responses from poets, musicians to the everyday girl or boy on the racial tensions between the police, society and individual battle of being black.

Adam Zaman
Adam began acting at the age of 14 when he started to attend weekly workshops at Burnley Youth Theatre, eventually serving as a Young Representative and being a part of their in house theatre company ‘BYTEBACK Theatre’. It was with BYTEBACK that he performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012 before studying Performing Arts (Film, TV and Stage) at Bucks New University. After graduating, Adam intends on pursuing a career in the Acting industry.

Title of performance – Walk with Me
An experimental autobiographical performance that explores how through the use of the Stanislavski method, one can visit the past versions of his self and present them on stage through the authentic recreation of 3 conversations held with those closest to him.

Esther Abe
A recent graduate from Buckinghamshire New University – Performing Arts (TV, Stage & Film). The first time stepping onto the stage at the age of six, I knew that I wanted to be a performer. I studied Acting all the way through school, also at GCSE, A-Level and recently at Degree level.  I have been fortunate enough to work with companies such as ‘Glas(s) Performance’ and ‘Thickskin’, which have done nothing but fuel me with fire for performance whether it’s dancing around the house or performing professionally.

Title of performance - Awọn awọ ti irora. (The Colour of pain)

The life of an actor / actress isn’t easy … It’s even harder when you’re black. There are awkward audition situations, stereotypes along with pretending to be someone your not just to be what the judges are looking for. But what happens when you tell your audition story but place it in your favourite era? Awọn awọ ti irora (the colour of pain)  looks into a personal part of my life by combining the 80’s with one of the worst stereotypical auditions of my life so far.

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