Thursday, 21 January 2016

kicking off the new year in style . . .

It's only the second week into the new term, and we have barely recovered from our Christmas and New Year celebrations, and already a lot is happening on the Performing Arts course at Bucks New University.

This Time Last Year - Film Still

Our second year students are presenting the work of their Film and Theatre Production module, in which they spend half the year making a film and half the year creating a theatre performance.

This Time Last Year - Film Still
The film group was divided into 4 teams with the task of each devising, shooting and editing a story strand that would cut together with the other stories to create a full-length original drama. Titled This Time Last Year the film runs at 45 mins, and features a mysterious briefcase, a couple breaking up, a suicide and strange obsession.

This Time Last Year - Film Still

            The film shot on locations around campus (including the aeroplane and hospital simulation rooms) and elsewhere in High Wycombe. Other students in the department generously appeared as extras in the infamous party scene, which was shot over several hours in a student house one night.

Meanwhile the theatre production group is presenting Attempts on her Life by Martin Crimp. Rehearsed as an ensemble piece under the supervision of director Paul Edwards the production is an original take on this experimental, postmodern piece of writing, which challenges the ideas of fixed identity and linear narrative.

Attempts On Her Life - rehearsal photographs

Yesterday both This Time Last Year and Attempts on Her Life. were premiered at 7.30 in Drama Studio 1 on the High Wycombe campus

Attempts On Her Life - rehearsal photograph

Today the theatre group travels down to London to perform Attempts on Her Life in the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets can be bought on the door, but for more info check:

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