Wednesday, 23 November 2016

our graduates impress . . .

One of our Performing Arts (Film, TV & Stage) graduates is currently making her name within the presenting and music production industry.

Lesley-Ann Okantey graduated in 2015 from our course and has recently started working as the programing managing assistant for the BBC2 music television. Congratulations!

When Lesley started studying at the Performing Arts course at Bucks New University, she wanted to become a stage or film/TV performer; however, like many of our students, the wide range of subjects she’d experienced as part of the course ignited her passion for something else. It was particularly the TV and radio presenting elements of her second year Skills module that inspired Lesley to try and carve out a career in broadcasting and presenting.

In order to further her skills, she completed the training program Music Potential by Capital XTRA. Funded by Barclaycard and the Big Lottery Fund, this training programme offers young people between the ages of 18-15 the chance to work with some of the best music industry professionals. (if you want to hear more about it, check it out here:

It was this training programme that gave Lesley the chance to have a look behind the scenes of national music events, radio music production, saw her host a show in London’s RichMix venue and interacted with many artists and DJ’s in Birmingham and London. 

Lesley describes her time at Bucks New University as ‘the best time’ of her life’; she particularly remembers the energy of her lecturers and her friends and the opportunity to try out so many different things and have your eyes opened to other career paths within the industry. She felt that particularly some of the trips and workshops forced her out of her comfort zone and gave her the confidence and motivation to actively pursue her dream career.
And it looks like Lesley is on the best path to achieving her dreams – apart from the exciting job at the BBC2, she also, under the name of Guava, present a monthly live music night in at Bar Under Solo in Camden, called ‘The Hook Up’  (check it out here:

Lesley’s story is just one example of the diverse careers our graduates embark on!
Well done Lesley - We are very proud of you!

If you want to see the kind of event Lesley is organising, check out her open invitation for the next BBC event she is working on. You can reserve free tickets by emailing:

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