Thursday, 9 February 2017

Collaborations at Bucks . . .

At Bucks New University, we really like to facilitate collaborations across the creative industry courses; Over the years, our Performing Arts students have been collaborating with Film, Dance and Fashion students. Currently, Carrie Mueller, Senior Lecturer at the Performing Arts course and Rob Penhaligon, course leader of the Animation course, are facilitating a collaboration between students from their respective courses in order to explore Motion Capture from both the performers and the animator's point of view.

The students from both courses met each other for the first time two weeks ago, with the Animation students introducing the Performing Arts students to the requirements and restrictions of working with Motion Capture. The Performing Arts students responded with creating a series of short movement phrases, which were shared back to the Animation students. With small adjustments and developments, these movements have been captured this Tuesday in our specially equipped studio; over the next two weeks, the animation students will clean up the data and add an animated figure onto the captured movements. These animations will be returned to the Performing Arts students, who will integrate them into an multimedia performance, which will be performed as part of an informal day of intermedial performance work, facilitated by their Performance & Screen module. 

This exciting opportunity has this year been offered to the students as an extra-curricular activity; all students involved have therefore met outside of their usual lesson time in order to rehears or polish the data; the aim is that this will be a larger event which forms part of both the Animation and Performing Arts curriculum, with a much larger output and a public display of the resulting animation sequences and live intermedial performances. Judging by the pictures, with the amount of fun that was to be had particularly during the capturing of the movement (and aren't those suits very stylish), it would be a shame not to do it again :)

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