Friday, 17 March 2017

The Thing That Came From Over There comes over here…

Huge thanks to Gonzo Moose for a wonderful performance of The Thing That Came From Over There on Wednesday night at the Wycombe Town Hall. The show was a tightly-packed delight involving a glorious range of eccentric characters, arctic exploration, alien attack and lots and lots of joyful stupidity. It had us laughing heartily from start to finish.

The cast stayed behind for a Q&A after the show, taking questions from Bucks Performing Arts students and other members of the audience. We learnt about the inspiration behind the many characters, the combination of devising, writing and rehearsing that goes into creating this type of show, and also how you set about rehearsing a scene that involves changing hats every three seconds.

The company returns to High Wycombe in May 2017 to run a workshop for Bucks New University Performing Arts students.

If you want to follow their work, read more here:

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