Saturday, 17 February 2018

Independent Productions 2018

It is about to begin!

Our final year Independent Productions are in full swing, and our students have produced four very exciting performances. 
Performances are kicking off next week; first up is DNA by Dennis Kelly, performed by Glass Roots Theatre on Monday in Camden, London, and then again on Wednesday in High Wycombe:

DNA by Dennis Kelly
Within the dark confines of the forest lies a dark secret amongst a group of so-called school friends.   As they try to cover up a sinister crime which they believe they have committed, changes of circumstance reveals that this may prove a more difficult task than they thought…
As the group of peers continues to come up with story after story to cover their tracks, they soon realise that it will take more than their wit to overcome something more challenging than homework.
A tragic thriller, turning darker as time goes on.

Monday 19 February: Et Cetera Theatre, London7.00pm £7.50 (£5) (Members of Etcetera Theatre will receive £1.50 off ticket price)
Wednesday 21 February: The Old Town Hall, High Wycombe 7.30pm £6 (£3)

Also next week is The Fastest Clock In The Universe by Philip Ridley, performed by Hungry Dog Theatre Company; you will be able to catch them in High Wycombe on Tuesday, before travelling all the day to the Old Fire Station in Oxford at the beginning of March:

Cougar Glass is attractive, if not a little bit obsessed with being young... and youth is a thing he would kill for.

Cougar plots to lure the delectable school boy Foxtrot Darling to his flat with... questionable intentions. However, seduction is a dangerous game, especially when you throw the explosive Sherbet Gravel into the mix.
Your invitation to the hottest party of the year has arrived, an invitation many people have died for. You’d better reply soon… The clock is ticking… 

In a world that falls apart as the characters descend into mayhem, watch as these fanciful characters take you on an exploration of your darkest secrets and their sexual fantasies. You are welcomed into a world of madness, horror and intrigue, a world that will have you simultaneously sitting on the edge of your seat and cowering back in your chair. 

Tuesday 20 February: The Old Town Hall, High Wycombe 7.30pm £6 (£3)
Friday 2 March: The Old Fire Station, Oxford 7.30pm
£10 (£5)

Week after next will see the premiere of Rumours, a farce by Neil Simon, performed by Creative Confusion:

RUMOURS by Neil Simon

Spasming backs!

It should be a peaceful, elegant wedding anniversary party. But when Ken and Chris find their host Charley, a prominent Government official, with a bullet wound in his ear lobe, the couple realise they must lie to protect his reputation! Len and Claire arrive, themselves injured in a car crash, and are soon joined by others each with their own set of problems. A second gunshot leaves Ken temporarily deaf, the police arrive and Len must pretend he is Charley, concocting a touching and fantastic explanation...

One of Neil Simon’s most celebrated farces! Can you get your head around the lies and deception whilst sorting fact from the “Rumours?”

Creative Confusion is a theatre company dedicated to inspiring, entertaining and engaging audiences with innovative and exciting theatre.

Tuesday 27 February: The Mill Theatre, Banbury 7pm £10 (£8)
Thursday 1 March: The Old Town Hall, High Wycombe 7.30pm £6 (£3)

And hot on the heels will the King Charles III by Mike Bartlett, performed by Feast One’s Eyes both in High Wycombe and Hemel Hempstead:

KING CHARLES III by Mike Bartlett
King Charles III is a future history play which opens with the Queen’s funeral. Parliament wish to pass a new law limiting the freedom of the press. Charles must sign off a law he disagrees with and refuses. We see the relationship between parliament and the throne crumble, causing Kate and Wills to step in.
Will the Monarchy be abolished? Will Charles succeed in dissolving Parliament? Do Wills and Kate become King and Queen? Will Harry keep hold of his new girlfriend?
Feast One’s Eyes are a new company who aim to educate the younger generation on the importance of politics in an entertaining way. 

Monday 5 March: The Old Town Hall, High Wycombe 7.30pm £6 (£3)
Friday 16 March: The Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead 7.30pm £8 (£4)

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